The 7-Step Guide to Starting a Conversation about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Your Organization

Wheeler del Torro
3 min readJan 15, 2021
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I’ve been writing about incorporating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) into the workforce for years and yet the sentiment behind it remains true: there has never been a better time than now to consider how you can level up your organization’s DEI efforts. Not only do current politics demand it, thoughtfully coordinating DEI efforts can provide outstanding results in the long run. However, the process of incorporating DEI into an organization can be quite overwhelming. So, I’m here to offer you 7 critical steps to follow when introducing DEI into your organization. These steps will help you to take an organized, strategic approach to DEI that will end with the best possible returns at the end of the day.

1. Create a brave space
Before you start any DEI work, it is important to cultivate a brave space. If this groundwork is not laid, any DEI effort will not have the fertile ground on which it needs to grow. Most of the organizations consider a safe space to be the golden standard. However, a safe space is not enough; it is important for a brave space to be present as well. With a brave space people at all ends of the spectrum will be challenged and find it easier to speak up.

2. Have a transformation committee
In large organizations, it is quite difficult to start a conversation about DEI. That’s where a transformation committee comes in. The primary objective of this committee is to create conversations and settings in which people are motivated to start important, restorative conversations related to DEI.

3. Recognize the people who engage
When a person steps into the brave space and speaks up, or if you notice that a person is ready to do so, it is important to recognize that person. Your support and acknowledgement can be precisely what the individual needs to take the next step and/or keep going. It also sends a message to the organization about what leadership supports. The result will eventually be a domino effect, causing others to participate as well.

4. Measure progress
You cannot introduce conversations about DEI overnight. It can be considered as a relatively long process. To make…